Packing and moving is a complex task to execute, but when you add corporate moving into the mix, the challenges can surpass your ability to address and solve the same. When planning to move an office, you have to consider multiple things, such as the packing and moving of:

  • Heavy electrical equipment;
  • Appliances;
  • Furniture;
  • Files and documents;
  • Employee valuables and other knick-knacks.

It doesn’t end there; after moving you also need to unload the packages from the moving vehicles, unpack, assemble and arrange them in order. So, corporate moving is not just daunting; it is also time-consuming and risky, demanding precautionary packing and moving measures that can only be delivered by professionals. That’s where Liberty Pro Moving comes into the picture; the best corporate packing & moving service in Atlanta.

A truck used by corporate moving specialists in Lawrenceville, GA

Corporate Moving Service in Lawrenceville by Liberty Pro Moving

We are one of the leading packings and moving services in Lawrenceville offering affordable and efficient corporate or office relocation along with storage facilities. You are guaranteed trained, licensed, and insured corporate movers and packers in Lawrenceville to streamline your moving experience.

Your office equipment, electronics, furniture, etc., will be packed with the utmost care, ensuring no damage is caused during loading, transit, and unloading. In case, you have a significant number of files that you need moving safely, our team will see to it.

Liberty Pro Moving takes care of packing the belongings of your employees as well, so they can concentrate on their job. You can rest assured that there will be no mix-up or loss of items while moving; we have an unscathed record of being the most trusted corporate moving service in Lawrenceville.

A Peek at Our Moving & Packing Service

Once you reach out to our moving consultant:

  • Our team will get all the necessary details like the type and number of things that need packing and moving.
  • You will be given a tentative timeline and a quote for the job.
  • Once you give us the green signal, we will proceed from there, as per plan.
  • Your premises will be visited by our team to get an estimate of the task and packing equipment they would require for the move.
  • The team will start disassembling the furniture and equipment and pack them neatly in boxes, ensuring absolute safety.
  • Post-completion of packing, the packages would be loaded inside the moving vehicles, using safety equipment to avoid bumps and tumbles.
  • After reaching your new location, our team will unload, unpack, assemble and arrange the furniture and equipment as per your requirement.

As the best corporate moving service in Lawrenceville, that’s how we execute our office relocations with care and safety, so our clients can experience a stress-free move.

Feel free to reach out to our consultants with any query that you might have or to request a quote for corporate moving.


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