Hire The Best Storage Service in Lawrenceville: Efficient & Secured

Safe and secured storage of all your valuables, that’s what you are guaranteed at Liberty Pro Moving. We are a leading moving company, offering the best packing and storage service in Lawrenceville at affordable prices. Our team comprises trained individuals with experience in packing, moving, and storage, who will help you store away your belongings with utmost care.

By hiring us you get access to state-of-the-art storage facilities that come with advanced security protocols for complete safety. Our varied range of standard and portable storage units in Lawrenceville have climate-control features ensuring zero damage to your sensitive valuables like paintings, furniture, carpet, and likewise.

Whether you need a temporary storage situation for the move, need a space to keep your belongings while you are away, or require secured storage for commercial purposes, our facilities are well equipped to suffice your varied needs. You get to benefit from competitive rates for the best storage service in Lawrenceville by hiring Liberty Pro Moving.

Why Choose Liberty Pro Moving for Portable Storage Units:

Finding the right portable storage unit in Lawrenceville can be a daunting process, considering there are so many factors to consider. Let’s walk you through what you get by hiring Liberty Pro Moving.

  • Spacious storage units in a variety of sizes.
  • 24-hour security of the entire facility.
  • Organized and clean storage units.
  • Advanced temperature-controlled units for sensitive materials.
  • Temporary and long-term storage solutions at affordable rates.
  • Economical and safe solution to store office equipment, files, and other essentials.

From Packing to Storage We do It All

If you need packing service from Liberty Pro Moving, we can accommodate that as well. You can discuss the details with our consultants, who would get a tally of the things that you need packed and stored away.

Request a Quote 

We offer a quote for our packing and storage service in Lawrenceville. Once you agree on the amount our team will visit your premises (residential or commercial space). You would only have to direct us to the things that need packing, the rest our team of professional packers will handle with care.

Packed with Care

We will pack your belongings ensuring that they remain intact while in storage. Our team is well versed in the careful packing of sensitive goods like carpets, paintings, antiques, files, and documents, etc. You can trust us with your valuables!

Safe Transportation & Secured Storage

Once the packing is done, we will load the packages on the moving vehicle and transport the items safely to the storage facilities. Being the best packing & storage service in Atlanta, we have our very own fleet of vehicles for the safe transport of packed goods.

Have any queries about our portable storage unit in Lawrenceville? Feel free to reach out to our consultants at your convenience. We will be happy to answer all your queries.



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