Moving to a new home can be an exciting new start for you and your family. However, if you feel more nervous and overwhelmed than excited, you’re not alone—moving to a new home is one of the top five most stressful life events a person will go through, right along with buying a home, buying a car, or getting a divorce.

But when you hire residential movers from Liberty Pro Moving Packing & Storage, it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you’re relocating to or from the Lawrenceville, GA, area, the team of residential moving specialists at Liberty Pro Moving Packing & Storage makes your move as smooth as possible. We are a full-service moving company, with you for your move every step of the way. From prepping and packing your prized possessions to getting them safely unpacked and placed in your new residence, we can take most of the stress off of your shoulders.

The Liberty Pro Difference

Our movers and packers are experts in the careful packaging and moving of household goods, including delicate equipment and large or otherwise unwieldy pieces of furniture. Throughout this process, we do not damage the walls and floors of your home, ensuring that there are no expensive repairs or loss of resale value to complicate the moving process or stress you out. We leave your walls and floors as unscathed as our reputation.

We use high-quality materials to pack every possession you own, so it arrives in perfect condition at your new home. Your things will go to your new home in our own fleet of trucks, so there’s no chance that a middleman will lose or mishandle your things. When we reach your new home, our movers will help you unpack and place your things in your new space, and haul away the used packing materials.

All our movers are fully licensed and insured for your total peace of mind. Reach out for an estimate today.