It is hereby acknowledged US Pro Moving has been employed b the Customer, or Customer’s agent, hereby acknowledges having been advised of the following risk of harm for activities requested by or for Customer.

  • Appliances. US Pro Moving is not responsible for damages to plumbing, electrical systems, or for water damage associated with the connection or disconnection of washers and dryers.
  • Exterior Risks. Drive over the lawn sidewalk, or other area not designated for truck traffic. Doing so may cause ruts in the grass, cracking of concrete, loss of vegetation, damage to underground sprinklers, drain fields, or other damage. US Pro Moving is not responsible for any damages or towing charges which may result, whether foreseeable or not.
  • Loading/Unloading. If US Pro Moving is only providing loading or unloading services, US Pro Moving is not responsible for any damages which may occur in transporting the furniture and is released of all liability after loading the truck or prior to unloading. We are only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control.
  • Storage. If U.S. Pro moving is loading or unloading into or out of storage, we are only responsible for damages caused while loading, transporting, or unloading. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide professional moving blankets to protect their goods. Damage claims must be made within 15 days of your move.
  • Unsafe/Unique moving circumstances. US Pro Moving is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to items or surroundings, as result of a specific customer request.
  • US Pro moving is not responsible for any damage to items or boxes pre-packed or wrapped. (Especially not inspected by us.)We are only responsible for items that we wrapped or boxed and that are in our care 100% of the time.
  • Any non-professional help that you provide on the move will release US Pro Moving and Hired Helper from any liability from any damage.
  • If a customer goes against our recommendation and proceeds to load or handle furniture the way they want to, This will release US Pro Moving and Hired Helper from any liability from any damage.
  • Any furniture / home damage must be reported within 24 hours of the move.
  • US Pro Moving / Hired Helper will only be liable for any damage of any furniture that they are in control of 100% of the time.

WARNING: If a moving company loses or damages your goods, there are 2 different standards for the company`s liability based on the types of rates you pay. BY FEDERAL LAW, THIS FORM MUST CONTAIN A FILLED-IN ESTIMATE OF THE COST OF A MOVE FOR WHICH THE MOVING COMPANY IS LIABLE FOR THE FULL (REPLACEMENT) VALUE OF YOUR GOODS in the event of loss of, or damage to, the goods. This form may also contain an estimate of the cost of a move in which the moving company is liable for FAR LESS than the replacement value of your goods, typically at a lower cost to you. You will select the liability level later, on the bill of lading (contract) for your move. Before selecting a liability level, please read Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move, and Ready to Move Brochure provided by the moving company, and seek further information at the government website

Your Mover’s Liability and Your Claims
In general, your mover is legally liable for loss or damage that occurs during the transportation of your shipment and all related services identified on the bill of lading .
The extent of your mover’s liability is governed by the Surface Transportation Board’s Released Rates Order . You may obtain a copy of the current Released Rates Order
by visiting the Surface Transportation Board’s website at: Decisions/readingroom.nsf/(search- . In addition, your mover may, but is not required to, offer to sell you separate third-party liability insurance .
All moving companies are required to assume liability for the value of the household goods they transport . However, there are two different levels of liability that apply to interstate moves Full (Replacement) Value Protection and Waiver of Full (Replacement) Value Protection – Released Value . It is important you understand the charges that apply and the amount of protection provided by each level .

Please Select  Your Coverage Level 

Full (Replacement)Value Protection
This is the most comprehensive option available to protect your household goods, but it will increase the cost of your move . The initial cost estimate of charges that you receive from your mover must include this level of protection . Your shipment will be transported at this level of liability unless you waive Full Value Protection . Under your mover’s Full Value Protection level of liability, subject to the allowable exceptions in your mover’s tariff, if any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while in your mover’s custody, your mover will, at its option, either 1) repair the article to the extent necessary to restore it to the same condition as when it was received by your mover, or pay you for the cost of such repairs; or 2) replace the article with an article of like, kind and quality, or pay you for the cost of such a replacement .
The exact cost for your shipment, including Full Value Protection, may vary by mover and may be further subject to various deductible levels that may reduce your cost . The minimum level for determining the Full Value Protection of your shipment is $6 .00 per pound times the weight of your shipment . Your mover may have a higher minimum value or you may declare a higher value for your shipment (at an additional cost) . The charges that apply for providing Full Value Protection must be shown in your mover’s tariff . Ask your mover for the details under its specific program .
Under this option, movers are permitted to limit their liability for loss or damage to articles of extraordinary value, unless you specifically list these articles on the shipping documents . An article of extraordinary value is any item whose value exceeds $100 per pound (for example, jewelry, silverware, china, furs, antiques, oriental rugs and computer software) . Ask your mover for a complete explanation of this limitation before your move . It is your responsibility to study this provision carefully and to make the necessary declaration .
**** Cost: Example Furniture weighs 10,000 lbs protection is $5.00 per lbs Total Replacement Value would be $50,000
Cost calculation 50,000 x 013 = $650
The Insurance cost for this move is $250 You can choose your Plan from $1-$5 per pound (Please keep mind 26ft box truck weight limits are @10,000lbs) *** Any items we totally replace we keep said item

Free of Charge Waiver of Full (Replacement) Value Protection (Released Value of 60 cents per pound per article)
Released Value is minimal protection; however, it is the most economical protection available as there is no charge to you . Under this option, the mover assumes liability for no more than 60 cents per pound, per article . For example, if a 10 pound stereo component valued at $1,000 were lost or destroyed, the mover would be liable for no more than $6 .00 (10 pounds x $ .60) .

Third Party Insurance
If you purchase separate third party cargo liability insurance from, or through your mover, the mover is required to issue a policy or other written record of the purchase and to provide you with a copy of the policy or other document at the time of purchase . If the mover fails to comply with this requirement, the mover is liable for any claim for loss or damage attributed to its negligence .
Shipments transported under a mover’s bill of lading are subject to arbitration in the event of a dispute over loss or damage claims . However, disputes with third party insurance companies might not be subject to arbitration in the event of disputed loss and damage claims as those companies are not within the jurisdiction of the FMCSA . Third party insurance companies are subject to the regulations of the States in which they are licensed .
Third Party Insurance