Are you attempting a last-minute move to a new place with minimal belongings with Charleston, SC movers? Perhaps you’re moving across state lines with all your belongings, or you’re just getting ready to board a plane to meet the movers at your new location. On the other hand, you could spend a few weeks doing minor repairs in your new home while you wait for the rest of your belongings to arrive.

How can you tell what’s necessary and nice to have on hand for the first few nights? What must you take to your new house, and what can you safely leave behind? Condensing your household’s belongings into a handful of necessary containers might appear daunting, but it’s quite manageable.

Create A Kit Of Moving Essentials

If you’d rather not pay the extra money to have packing materials (such as boxes) supplied by the Charleston, SC movers company, here is a decent list of things to consider buying.


  • Resilient packaging tape (about 40-50 mm wide)
  • Labeling paper or stickers
  • Buy a full set of permanent markers!
  • Multiple pairs of scissors
  • pairs of box cutters
  • Sturdy garbage bags
  • Sticky notes
  • bags with a zipper closure
  • Many Boxes (of all sizes)

Always Pack Before Time

The amount of things you have will largely determine how long it will take you to pack them all. However, most of our packing advice articles stress the need for a head start. If you pack one box daily, you should have enough for a large house for two months. A month ought to be sufficient for smaller residences. While an exact figure is impossible, the general concept is clear.

Start With Less-Used Rooms And Items

For example, if your home has a loft, start by cleaning out the rooms on that level. Then, gradually work your way down. Before you worry about anything else, make sure to pack any seasonal items that you aren’t using right now. This includes things like garden tools, coats, and Christmas lights. You can more easily separate the items you intend to take with you and those you would like to give away or donate if you go through the already-packed boxes.

Donate And Declutter

Speaking of things you’d rather not bring along, consider a garage sale or donating your unused belongings to a good cause. You have a lot of options because there is also eBay. To find out if your friends need anything you plan to sell, ask them if they’re helping you move. Remember that you aren’t paying them and that they deserve compensation for their efforts. A pizza or some drinks can make the deal even better.

Valuable In One Place

The professional movers of Charleston want you to ensure you have everything you value in one spot and make an exhaustive inventory list to avoid losing anything important. Always consider renting a safe deposit box from a bank near you and storing your valuable possessions there.

Bring Important Documents

Some examples of such documents are passports, certificates of birth, bank statements, etc. If all your paperwork fits into a single box, you must pack it into your car. Depending on your specific requirements, a professional Charleston, SC movers company’s packing and business removal services may be necessary for home-based businesses or private practices. Keep in mind that insurance typically covers these types of services.

Making Inventory List

If your collection includes many books, CDs, memorabilia, etc., these will be a lifesaver. Putting “Books” as the only label on your moving boxes is fine. Moving companies Charleston, SC suggest typing out comprehensive inventory lists if your specialized literature collection is housed in multiple rooms. You can then print out multiple copies and attach one to each box after you’ve uploaded the spreadsheets on your phone.

One Room At A Time

Many people forget this crucial packing tip, but it is rather important. Whether you should sort your belongings by room or category is a matter of opinion. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference. Still, it’s smart to pack each room separately. In addition to staying organized, this will also be useful for directing the Charleston, SC movers or whoever is unloading the boxes.

Box Placements

Though it may seem obvious, mentioning packing tips like this one is vital. Professional movers of Charleston make sure nothing fragile gets crushed in the move by placing heavy boxes beneath lighter ones. This is a lifesaver when loading heavy objects like books into boxes or furniture into cars.

Labelling boxes

Moving companies Charleston, SC prepare to use a marker to indicate the room that each box belongs to next to the inventory list. To make it easier to see when stacked, write on the sides of the boxes rather than the top. Using a different color for each room is also a good idea. Get the kids involved and inspire them to be creative if you have any. What better way to alleviate the stress of moving than to let kids draw and color? This is only one way to ease the transition for your children.

We hope that this guide by Liberty Pro Moving has shown you how easy it is to plan and organize a last-minute removal, even though it may seem impossible at first. When you fill out our simple form today, Liberty Pro Moving will connect you with trustworthy movers and packers, saving you time and money during this last-minute relocation.


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